HAQAA Training courses

One element of the HAQAA Initiative is to create a common understanding on quality assurance in higher education across the continent, and to explain and clarify the diverse approaches and tools. The HAQAA Implementing Consortium is therefore conducting a training course on ‘Developing a Common Language for Quality Assurance in Higher Education in Africa’, targeting representatives from ministries, higher education commissions or accreditation agencies of all African countries. The intention is to ‘level the playing field’ regarding how QA and accreditation are understood in Africa, and ultimately contribute to promoting PAQAF. Led by consortium partner DAAD, the training course draws on both European and African trends and expertise, and has ‘presence’ modules that take place in both regions.

The main expected learning outcomes are as follows:

  • The participants have a common understanding of the meaning of quality regarding higher education. They can differentiate between institutional quality assurance ‘culture’ and processes for external quality assurance and accreditation, and understand the important interplay between the two.
  • The participants know the QA framework of the European Higher Education Area and are aware of the roles and responsibilities of the different stakeholders within the European system. The interaction between national authorities, higher education institutions, independent QA agencies, students and other stakeholders is studied and analysed.
  • Participants can cite good and diverse practices regarding how QA and accreditation can be facilitated at different levels (institutional, national, regional, continental), and how these levels interact towards building a common higher education space.
  • Participants know the current QA situation in the five African regions and as well common challenges and demands.
  • Participants have identified main challenges for QA in their national/regional QA system and have worked on options for improving their existing QA system.
  • Participants have understood the objectives of the African higher education space and more specifically, PAQAF, and have identified ways for disseminating information on these political processes.

More information comming soon!