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The outline of activities are:

Phase 1: Developing a common understanding on QA in Africa (January 2016 – June 2017)

  1. Two (2) Training Courses for a “common QA language”, targeting key African QA stakeholders and disseminators
  2. Set up of the Online African QA Platform
  3. Consolidation of an expert network on QA in Africa, spanning diverse key actors and stakeholders, and aggregating already exiting expert networks/databases for QA
  4. Mapping report on current/existing African QA ‘Standards and Guidelines’ (National level, East and West Africa)

Phase 2: Towards a Pan African QA and Accreditation System: Developing African Standards and Guidelines for quality assurance (ASG) and reinforcing institutional “internal” QA (June 2016 – June 2017)

  1. Technical Working Group to develop the ASG, supported by the Advisory Board
  2. Online consultation for the ASG
  3. Continental endorsement workshop
  4. Training workshop(s) on institutional self-assessment, rooted in ASG

Phase 3: Consolidating ‘quality culture’ in Africa (February 2017 – April 2018)

  1. Visits to select African QA agencies/bodies, promoting the uptake and testing of the ASG – ‘Consultancy visits’ and ‘agency reviews’
  2. QA agency staff development workshop
  3. Institutional quality culture support through institutional evaluations, building capacity for institutional self-assessment
  4.  Promoting AQRM as a tool for self- evaluation

Phase 4: Sustainability and further development of the Pan African QA and Accreditation System (February 2018 – September 2018)

  1. Endorsement of external review model for QA agencies in Africa (proposed by Technical Working Group)
  2. Regional conference, reinforcing ‘AQAF’ as an annual continental forum
  3. Consolidation of African QA Platform/Database and Capacity Development Centre as major continental tools and structures