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  • In our previous meeting in Europe, we suggested to keep networking together. In order to do that, we need to establish an association. AAQAA will act as a channel to exchange ideas, skills and helping each other. […]

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  • East Africa Quality Assurance Project is the an initiative born in Bonn, after HAQAA Meeting in December, 2016.
    Founding members are Asmare Demilew Yismaw (Ethiopia), Beatrice Odera-Kwach(Kenya), Abdallah Baguma […]

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  • In this Training Course Group people will discuss their experiences with programme evaluations; Dans ce group les participants vont échanger leurs expériences avec l´évaluation des programmes. The moderator of the […]

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  • This forum is designed for overall questions and exchange regarding project implementation and other items related to the HAQAA initiative.
    Le forum sert à discuter des thèmes et questions en general concernant l […]

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  • Group logo of création d’agence d’assurance qualité

    création d’agence d’assurance qualité active 5 years, 6 months ago

    Le groupe réfléchit sur les conditions concrètes pour la création d’une agence d’assurance qualité.
    Ces conditions touchent à:

    -l’aspect juridique,
    -l’aspect financier,
    -l’aspect organisationnelle et fonct […]

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  • Group logo of Credit Transfer System

    Credit Transfer System active 5 years, 6 months ago

    The Training Course Group will discuss regional harmonisation by Credit Transfer System. The group language is english.
    Le group est désigné a discuter l´harmonisation régional par un Systeme de Transfer de cré […]

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