Agency reviews

Five pilot reviews of quality assurance agencies of higher education will be conducted to support established QAAs in

1) general further development and improvement,

2) adhering and adapting to the standards and guidelines established for  the African continental framework (PAQAF and the ASG-QA)

3) increasing their visibility and

4) implementing transparent procedures that adhere to international norms.

A four day site visit will be conducted by three international experts. The pilot reviews will also be a means to test the model for agency reviews developed in the HAQAA Initiative (which is intended to be further applied in the context of PAQAF in the future) as well as the applicability of the newly developed ASG-QA (on which the agency review model is based).

The pilot reviews are targeted at more established quality assurance agencies in Africa, namely those that have been in existence for longer, have possibly achieved sufficient autonomy/ independence in their processes, and that demonstrate interest in regional and African continental engagement.

The pilot review will provide the agencies an opportunity to be exposed to an external review for further development, The intention is also to contribute to the process of enhancing mutual recognition of accrediting decisions among quality assurance agencies in Africa, based on a shared understanding of how to perform external quality assurance and accreditation. The reviews will be at the same time a training opportunity for experts and agencies, who will gain first-hand experience in applying the ASG-QA via the new review model.