Consultancy Visits

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In countries where a national QAA has not been established yet, is very young, and/or is still embedded in the ministry (whereby the country in question intends to establish an independent agency), consultancy visits have been proposed. A three-day visit has been organised with two experts, who have been conducted interviews with the staff and locally based higher education institutions and relevant stakeholders, to better understand the state of play regarding external quality assurance, potential needs of the country and opportunities for development. An information and brainstorming session has been held with the quality assurance and ministry staff, as well as with local higher education institutions and students, to promote the good practices in quality assurance and inform about the African continental framework. Other meetings and interviews have been organized throughout the visit, in accordance with a tailored programme that had fit the needs of the country at hand. The HAQAA Team have been working with both the quality assurance authorities and the experts to refine the objectives of the visit and desired outcomes and to design the fit-for-purpose programme for the experts.


List of participating countries:

Agence Malienne de l’assurance qualité de l’enseignment superieur et la recherce (AMAQ-Sup)- Mali Consultancy Visit French
Ministere de l’enseignment superieur et de la recherche – Togo Consultancy visit French
Ministere de l’enseignment superieur – Cameroon Consultancy Visit French
Agence Nationale d’Evaluation et d’Assurance Qualité de l’Enseignement Supérieur et de la Recherche Scientifique – ANEAQ Morocco Consultancy Visit French