Stakeholder Consultation Workshop: For the African Standards and Guidelines for Quality Assurance in Higher Education

Last 16-17 November 2017 took place in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia the Stakeholder Consultation Workshop for the African Standards and Guidelines for Quality Assurance in Higher Education (ASG-QA) which aimed to present and discuss the second draft of the document.

This workshop aimed to bring key stakeholders together to discuss the second draft of the document. A first draft in four different languages (English, French, Portuguese and Arabic) was presented to stakeholders via an online consultation, which was open between 15 June and 30 July, 2017. After that, the Technical Working Group (TWG) re-worked the document based on the feedback received. The objective was to develop a document that respects the diversity of QA systems in the continent, yet gives them a common base-line and language with which to improve quality, both in terms of external evaluation and accreditation and internal institutional procedures.

During the workshop in Addis Ababa more than 55 participants representing different organisations in Africa, such as QA bodies at the national and regional level, ministries, university associations, student associations and other relevant actors engaged in the quality assurance agenda in Africa had the opportunity to discuss and give their feedback on the ASG-QA. Before starting with the discussions, two TWG representatives, Rispa Odongo and Jefy Mukora, shed light on the ASG-QA by explaining the document and highlighting what are they and what are the for.

In addition, Caty Duykaerts (ENQA) and Marc Wilde (DAAD) presented trends and common interests on Standards and Guidelines for QA in other regions through the examples of the ESG of the European Higher Education Area and the ASEAN Standards for Quality Assurance respectively.

Two panel sessions were organised in order to obtain a broader view and give a better understanding on the relevance of the ASG-QA to specific QA systems and to discuss the challenges and opportunities for promoting and implementing the ASG-QA. A third panel took place on Friday in order to discuss Student engagement in quality assurance in Africa with the participation of student representatives from different unions and associations.

About the ASG-QA

The ASG-QA has been drafted by a selected group of higher education and quality assurance experts, representing different regions of the continent. Before engaging in the drafting of this document, they carefully studied the existing standards and guidelines in different African countries and regions and elsewhere in the world, with an objective of building up what presently exists and finding a common denominator for different African higher education systems.

This document aims to support higher education institutions and quality assurance agencies in Africa in implementing good practices for quality assurance; applying the standards and guidelines formulated by competent authorities in higher education; developing adequate internal quality assurance in higher education institutions; and assisting higher education institutions in assessing their own quality through self-assessment. It will also promote an equivalent way of assessing quality in higher education in Africa and nurture coordination among national and regional quality assurance agencies.

The ASG-QA will be a key reference tool of the Pan-African Quality Assurance and Accreditation Framework (PAQAF). They have been drafted and revised by a selected group of higher education and quality assurance experts representing different regions of the continent.

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