Final Conference of HAQAA1

The Final Conference of HAQAA1; “Quality Assurance Hamonisation in African Higher Education: Taking stock, finding synergies, looking forward” took place on 3-4 December, 2018 in Dakar, Senegal. Near 90 participants from 32 countries attended this final conference hosted by ANAQ-Sup the “Autorité Nationale d’Assurance Qualité de l’enseignement Supérieur”, which is the state agency under the administrative and technical supervision of the Ministry of Higher Education and Research (MESR), responsible for monitoring, guaranteeing and improving the quality of higher education programmes and institutions in Senegal.

This conference celebrated the first 3 years of HAQAA, assessing achievements, bringing together important donors and partners in the field, and looking forward to the next phase of HAQAA.

The objectives of this event were:

  • Take stock of current initiatives on the continent, and donors and partners contributing to quality assurance in higher education in Africa;
  • Discuss the results of the first phase of the HAQAA initiative and more particularly with regards to the implementation of the Pan-African Quality Assurance and Accreditation Framework (PAQAF);
  • Discuss the remaining and future activities required to achieve the PAQAF objectives and assess how the different regional developments in Africa can contribute and / or be developed in harmony with them;
  • Study and analyze the prospects of the next HAQAA contract, the continuation of the Advisory Board and its various functions, as well as the role of the main regional and national organizations in Africa.

We had the participation of:

  • Donor organisations and international partners (UNESCO, World Bank, AUF ..)
  • HAQAA Advisory Board members (Regional Organizations)
  • Agencies and Ministries participating in pilot evaluations of quality assurance agencies, organized by the HAQAA Initiative
  • Vice Rectors and Vice-Presidents of Universities that participated in the AQRM evaluations for HAQAA
  • African student organizations
  • Representatives of African regional communities
  • Members of the Technical Working Group
  • Participants in HAQAA Training Course
  • Partners of the HAQAA Consortium and select European experts
  • Representatives of the European Union and the African Union


These are some of the presentations that took place at the event: 


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